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pornstarz and www.namitha blue film - Heavy Metal 2. Belladonna’s CVRBONGIRL is an art direction masterpiece, a wonderfully executed and daring fantasy that still manages to retain the erotic charge that fans of her all-girl movies have come to expect. Every segment is brilliantly introduced to enhance the idea that each one of these dolls has its own special theme and a unique sexual twist. Most important, each episode is filled with a combination of sensuous foreplay and raunchy dyke-play that is Belladonna’s lesbo-film legacy. Belladonna’s dolls kiss, fondle and lick. Just as the dolls morphed from inanimate objects into real live sex-freaks, the action transforms from something erotically gentle into something passionate and rough. Fingers, hands and devices explore, eventually disappearing into every orifice, creating a sense of wonder and excitement that is at the heart of this bizarre fantasy. The action escalates and before you know it, the workshop is alive with foot fucking, huge dildo insertions and anal butt-plugging. Tattooed dolls spank, spit and rim each other’s quivering pussies and buttholes until each doll discovers the magic of real-life, lesbian induced, orgasmic bliss. Kelly Divine’s double duty, deep-throating a huge dildo while getting her ass crammed with a wood dong, is a stand-out rhythmic sex act in a movie filled with stand-out moments. Satisfied with the results of her work, “the Doll Maker†decides to join the world of the living dolls, literally deconstructing herself in an outrageous sexual episode that only Belladonna could create. Belladonna’s CVRBONGiRL will become a required “must-have†for every member of her growing legion of devoted fans.

SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL loads a rabid six shot with sex, greed, depravity, violence and betrayal. The hypnotic nymphette Georgette Jennings stars in her only film appearance. Erotica Awards Best Actor Jamie Gillis drives the story with his nasty attitude, unforgiving sadism and unforgettable performance as an armed robber trapped in the broken pieces of his sins. SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL is porn noir unique for its time and unheard of today. This isn’t the kind of movie for the gentle minds. SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL was filmed at a time when shoot pornography was illegal. Many of the actors in this film remain anonymous.

Their only sin is unconventional love. The revealing twisted road from desire to pursuit and surrender.

Strip searching screws show their lesbian envy by pounding each other's cock barren holes with their angry hands. In the dark corners of the scrubs, rug-munchers chow down on willingly juicy cunts that need filling with desperate digits and dildos. A double pussy interrogation in a cell leads to multiple orgasms from the all British cast. A prisoner's cat fight starts off in the rec room, so horny female wardens bring out the truncheons for some cunt battering. The Bad Girls wail like horny sirens ramming and double-hole fucking their minges until the next day in prison. DILDO-FUCKING, PUSSY-EATING, CLAM-SLAMMING...AND THAT'S JUST THE SCREWS!

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